Thursday, February 27, 2020

Business and Society Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business and Society - Case Study Example From this study it is clear that Warhead cables were used in missiles and to prove its quality, it underwent a series of tests. It was tested using an elevated heat test where it was bent at a ninety degree angle and placed in an oven at approximately 105 degrees for seven hours. If the seal did not delaminate, then the cables passed the test. Then Stanton could prepare a detailed report of the test results. In the previous week, a large order came by with a short time period.√É‚   On Friday, Stanton tested the batch of cables and two out of the ten tested had a problem. He immediately reported this to Harry who directed him to wait and see if the source inspector could note the problem. Stanton did not like this directive at all as he thought of all innocent civilians out there who would suffer form this unethical behavior. These cables were used in missiles fuses and Stanton was worried sick of a problem arising if these cables were to be used. What if a missile was to fire itself a nd harm innocent civilians? He thought of anyone in the parent corporation that he could contact but to no avail.According to the discussion√É‚  Bryson corporation should act ethically due to the dangers they would be exposing civilians into if they failed to act ethically. Considering the warhead cables are used to manufacture switches used in missiles unethical behavior could cost innocent lives in the case of such missiles firing themselves.

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